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June 7, 2018

Donald Barclay has a new book coming out entitled "Fake News, Lies and Propaganda," and he spoke to Insight host Beth Ruyak about it. 
Art history Professor ShiPu Wang's traveling exhibition focused on artist Chiura Obata has proven throught-provoking.
Political science Professor Jessica Trounstine shared her research on how being distracted while voting can have unintended consequences, especially for political candidates of color.    
Professor Alexander Theodoridis and his colleagues found that people often dehumanize their partisan rivals.
Maria Cardona spoke in English and Spanish to graduating students, faculty, friends and families, during the university’s commencement ceremony Saturday morning on how important was that event not just for them but for the country.
CNN contributor Maria Cardona shares her thoughts about delivering the commencement address to candidates from School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts.
The University of California, Merced's, commencement ceremonies this year include the most doctoral candidates conferred in the campus' history.


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