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Applied Math graduate student Shayna Bennett
Applied Mathematics graduate student Shayna Bennett won first place at the University of California’s Grad Slam finals today (May 7). Bennett presented her dissertation research, “A New Tool to Fight Invasive Species,” in just three...


Grants, Accolades and Awards

Political Science Professor Jessica Trounstine’s book, Segregation By Design, is the basis for a new initiative by the Association of Bay Area Governments/Metropolitan Transportation Commission. Trounstine and her research team will assess and catalog data in each of the 109 jurisdictions to develop metrics that identify politicies likely to have contributed to housing...

Sociology Professor Charlie Eaton and three graduate students recently submitted a winning entry in the Dignity and Debt Student Loan Data Visualization Contest. The contest, conducted through Princeton University’s VizE Lab, was created to pursue the potential in visualization in helping to solve the student loan debt crisis. The lab teamed up with the ...

Sociology Professor Stephanie Canizales is a 2020 recipient of the American Sociology Association's Community Action Research Initiative grant award. Canizales' research is focused on migration and immigrant integration, children and youth, inequality, poverty, mobility, and race and ethnicity. She will use the award to interrogate the effects the converging refugee and health crises on legal, educational, health, and social service providers' lives. Canizales has partnered...

Research Publications

Materials Science and Engineering Professor Jennifer Lu is part of a team of researchers whose work on porous carbon aerogels could power future missions to Mars. Building upon her previous work, Lu took the lead with her colleagues at Merced nAnomaterials Center for Energy and Sensing (MACES), UC Merced, UC Santa Cruz and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to show how porous carbon aerogels can compose electrodes of a supercapacitor — a device that can operate at extremely cold temperatures, similar to the conditions on Mars. Find out more about Lu’s work in Physics World.

Materials Science and Engineering Professor Sarah Kurtz was invited to write an article for the 50th anniversary edition of the National Academy of Engineer’s (NAE) quarterly magazine The Bridge. In 2020, Kurtz was the first faculty member on campus elected to the NAE for her contributions to the development of gallium indium phosphide/gallium arsenide photovoltaic cells and for her leadership in solar-cell reliability and quality. Read her article for The Bridge titled “Accelerating Growth of Solar Energy” here.

Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor Josué Medellín-Azuara is part of an international team of researchers who conducted a systems analysis on water security in Jordan the findings of which were published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. The paper, titled “A Coupled Human-Natural System Analysis of Freshwater Security Under Climate and Population Change” examines Jordan’s water crisis due to increased water use, population growth, climate change and other factors. The study finds that in the absence of demand management and supply interventions, and major reforms in the water sector, nearly 90 percent of the lower income population water security is under threat.