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Social Justice

April 20, 2021

The Center for Climate Justice’s two-day launch event kicks off on Earth Day, April 22.
The University of California is launching a new center just in time for Earth Day: the Center for Climate Justice. Led by Management of Complex Systems Professor and UC Presidential Chair Tracey Osborne , the Center for Climate Justice is a system-wide initiative to address climate change as a...
Violet Barton remembers her teenage years doing quadratic equations by candlelight to a soundtrack of bombs and bullets as the Salvadoran Civil War raged around her. She was forced to migrate to the United States 36 years ago but will go back to El...
Linda Barreto
UC Merced alumna Linda Barreto always wanted to become a lawyer, but an experience in college helped reinforce her career path. While driving, Barreto was pulled over and cited for failing to stop before making a left turn. She decided to fight the...
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