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Undergrad Experience: Magali Torres Cervantes

March 3, 2021

Magali Torres Cervantes Name: Magali Torres Cervantes

Year: Third year

Major: Management and Business Economics

Hometown: Merced


What is a memorable project that you worked on during your time at UC Merced?

A memorable project I worked on during my time at UC Merced is being part of the 2020 Creating a Path to Success (CAPS) cohort with the California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (CHCC). I learned about the opportunity through our Center for Career and Professional Advancement and decided to apply. About five months after I had submitted my application, I was offered the opportunity to join the program. CAPS is a program in which you get to develop yourself as a professional, network with a lot of amazing and talented individuals — not only within your fields of interest but also within your cohort — and work collectively on a research project that you present at the annual CHCC Convention. Now, as a CAPS alumna, I accepted the opportunity to intern with the CHCC for the Spring 2021 semester to give back to the program that began my career.

What did you learn personally and academically by participating in this?

Coming into the program as a first-generation student, one thing that was always emphasized to us by our mentors was that we are deserving of the professional spaces we occupy and that it's important to voice our opinions! Personally, I learned that it's also very important to build meaningful relationships with everyone you meet. I've become best friends with members of my cohort who are also like-minded goal-oriented individuals, and who because of COVID-19 I have yet to meet in-person, but still fully support me as a person and a professional.

UC Merced has a lot of opportunities for experiential learning. What would you say to a future student who wants to be involved?

I'd say that it's important to immerse yourself in all the opportunities you take on, be passionate about all you do and always make sure to put your best foot forward. You always get out what you put in, and the more involved you are the more memorable your experiences will be!