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October 12, 2021
Dark matter and the life cycles of star clusters will come into focus as UC Merced’s astrophysicists get resources from the two space telescopes soon to be exploring the universe. NASA has granted Professor Anna Nierenberg observational time with the new James Webb Space Telescope (...
October 11, 2021
As the daytime temperatures cool and the pandemic persists, colleagues at UC Merced’s Health Sciences Research Institute offer a suggestion: Why not take your meetings for a stroll? The benefits of walking meetings are well-documented , but with the university ramping up in-person...
October 11, 2021
UC Merced understands and values the need to acknowledge the rich and diverse history of those who came before us and who are still with us today. In honor of Indigenous Peoples' Day, including the local Yokuts and Miwuk who first inhabited or passed through the land where the campus is...