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Devon Glover, The Sonnet Man, speaks to students at Gracey Elementary School in Merced.
In what world are Shakespeare and hip-hop related? Ask Devon Glover. Glover is The Sonnet Man, a Shakespeare-loving rapper who sets The Bard’s famous sonnets to hip-hop instrumentals. Using iambic pentameter to his advantage, Glover turns 16th...


Research Publications

Professor Inacio Lopez-Calvo and Christina Lux, the associate director for UC Merced Cente for the Humanities, co-edited a book entitled "The Humanities in the Age of Information and Post-Truth," available in paperback now. The essays in collected in the book represent a defense of the social function of the humanities in today's society.

Professor Nancy Burke co-edited a new book entitled "Negotiating Structural Vulnerability in Cancer Control," which explores the importance of case studies about lived experiences of cancer in the concept of structural vulnerability and whether a consideration of structural vulnerability can enhance applied anthropological work in cancer prevention and control. The book is published by the University of New Mexico Press. 

School of Natural Sciences Professor Jennifer Manilay and three graduate students wrote an invited review published in the National Institutes of Health’s PubMed addressing current ideas about how changes in bone health could also affect immune system cells’ health. For example, therapies to osteoporosis might also have unintended consequences for antibody-producing B cells and natural killer cells.

Grants, Accolades and Awards

UC Merced professor Ming-Hsuan Yang, in the School of Engineering’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Science program has received the AMiner Most Influential Scholar Annual Award in recognition of his “outstanding and vibrant contributions to the field of Computer Vision.” The award names the world's top-cited research scholars from the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and recognizes outstanding technical achievements with lasting contribution and impact to the research community.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science graduate student Thomas Thayer presented won the best paper award at the IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (CASE) for his paper “Multi-Robot Routing Algorithms for Robots Operating in Vineyards,” that focuses on RAPID (Robot Assisted Precision Irrigation Delivery), a scalable irrigation management solution that aims to help vine growers with water conservation efforts while improving yield and quality. 

Political science Professor Alexander Theodoridis has been awarded the Society for Political Methodology’s 2019 Miller Prize for the best paper in the influential journal Political Analysis with his paper "Worth Weighting? How to Think About and Use Weights in Survey Experiments."