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celebrating black excellence

January 16, 2024
Environmental Systems Ph.D. candidate Marie Buhl has been invited to join the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Committee on Adaptation to a Changing Climate (CACC). Buhl, who is from Germany, works in Professor Sam Markolf’s lab focusing on climate change adaption research in the...
January 11, 2024
For professors, it’s up or out when it comes to tenure and promotion: After five years on the job as assistant professors, junior professors’ promise is evaluated by their more senior colleagues. These senior colleagues judge whether a junior colleague has developed a reputation for...
January 8, 2024
When Carlos Martinez was growing up in Southern California, his experience outdoors largely consisted of the irrigated lawns and tidy trees of his local park. Camping and hiking were not in his family’s recreational repertoire. Meanwhile, high school and work kept him too busy to focus on...
January 8, 2024