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November 24, 2021
En esta ocasión, lo que sucedió en Las Vegas no se quedará allí, al menos para Cathryn Flores. La estudiante de cuarto año, quien está estudiando inglés y escritura, alcanzó otro hito en su carrera musical cuando asistió a una reciente premiación de música latina para formar parte de un equipo de...
November 24, 2021
This time around, what happened in Las Vegas will not stay there — at least for Cathryn Flores. The fourth-year undergraduate, who's working on a major in English and minor in writing, reached yet another milestone in her music career as she attended a major Latin music awards show...
November 22, 2021
When people hear the word “solar,” many think of solar panels on a house, which generate electricity. But there is another way to use energy harnessed by the sun: heat. Founding faculty member and Director of the University of California Advanced Solar Technologies Institute (UC...