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Paper on Online Object Tracking Earns Award 10 Years Later

July 27, 2023
UC Merced electrical engineering and computer science Professor Ming Hsuan-Yang
The Longuet-Higgins Prize is a "test of time" award that recognizes papers with significant impact.

UC Merced electrical engineering and computer science Professor Ming Hsuan-Yang recently won an award for a paper he co-authored 10 years ago.

Yang was awarded the Longuet-Higgins Prize at the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers' June Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2023 for his paper "Online Object Tracking: A Benchmark."

The annual prize is named for Christopher Longuet-Higgins, a British scholar and teacher who made fundamental contributions to the understanding of molecular science. The Longuet-Higgins prize is presented by the IEEE Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI) Technical Committee at each year's CVPR for fundamental contributions in computer vision. It is a "test of time" award that recognizes CVPR papers from 10 years ago with significant impact on computer vision research.

Yang's paper, co-authored with Yi Wu of UC Merced and Jongwoo Lim of Hanyang University in South Korea, examined object tracking in computer vision. Essentially, object tracking is using an algorithm to estimate where a target, or subject, in one frame of a video will be in subsequent frames. Yang's team carried out large-scale experiments to evaluate the performance of several online tracking algorithms.

The developed benchmark dataset, evaluation metrics and code library in this work have been widely used in the vision community. This paper has been cited more than 6,600 times, according to Google Scholar.

"By analyzing quantitative results, we identify effective approaches of robust tracking and provide potential research directions in this field," the researchers wrote.

"These awards demonstrate the longevity and impact of CVPR research," said IEEE Computer Society President Nita Patel, co-sponsor of CVPR 2023. "We are proud to recognize these achievements and the continued advancements of the computer vision community."

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