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Film, Poetry, Philosophy the Subjects of Three Foundry Pieces by Humanities Community

October 30, 2023
Sharim's father's hands, damaged fieldwork.
Sharim's father's hands, damaged fieldwork. Image by Yehuda Sharim.

The new issue of Foundry, a digital platform similar to a magazine, assembled by the University of California Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI), features works by three members of the UC Merced campus community.

The issue features an interview with Global Arts Studies Professor Yehuda Sharim about his UCHRI-supported feature film “Experiments in Freedom,” a demystification of seasonal workers filmed during a recent almond harvest in the Central Valley and an exploration of the deep relationship between despair and excesses of all sorts.

In the interview Sharim offers a “deeply personal meditation on his artistic formation, his working process and his relationship to the people he features in his films.”

The issue also features a series of multimedia poems by Christina Lux, the managing director of the Center For The Humanities, inspired by the latest science on waves.

Additionally, graduate student Alex Dayer shares his perspective on UC-wide efforts led by UC Merced philosophy Professor Carolyn Dicey Jennings to diversify career pathways for philosophy graduate students and make curricular changes.

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