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Undergraduate Experience: Sean Nguyen

April 27, 2021

male chemistry undergraduate studentName: Sean Nguyen

Year: Graduating May 2021, School of Natural Sciences Commencement Student Speaker

Major: Chemistry

Hometown: San Jose

What clubs or organizations were you part of at UC Merced?

I was in the Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) and INTRO Movement Dance Team.

What is a memorable project that you worked on during your time at UC Merced?

During my time as the lead of the VSA Culture Show, I had to organize the annual culture show.

What did you learn personally and academically by participating in this?

Personally, I gained more leadership skills because I had to manage all the committees and work closely with the members. Academically, I learned more about networking with other organizations and budget management. Also, I was able to get more closely connected with my Vietnamese culture.

What's next for you after graduation?

I hope to gain a clinical research associate position to increase my research experience. Hopefully, down the line, I will obtain a Ph.D. in chemistry and become a professor.