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Campus Dedicates Site for Next Academic Building

January 14, 2011
UC Merced leaders and elected officials celebrate the university's next academic building, which will help in furthering its mission of innovative research in the sciences and engineering

MERCED — Leaders with the state and the University of California, Merced, today dedicated the site for the campus' fifth academic building, one that will expand the campus' research arm.

The three-story Science and Engineering Building 2 will be built next to the existing Science and Engineering Building and create 102,000 square feet of lab, instructional and support space.

“With growing demand of students to study science and engineering and the need to support development of a high-tech ecosystem in the Valley, it's vital for the campus to have the space required for learning and innovation. Resulting discoveries will help create high-paying technology-based jobs in the Valley and create new information that will contribute to understanding the world around us,” School of Engineering Dean Dan Hirleman said. “This building and the research conducted within its walls will serve students, faculty and the state of California.”

Laboratory space must be able to accommodate state-of-the-art machines, teams of researchers and safety equipment. Each lab can take up as much space as a large classroom.