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Library Complex Awarded "LEED Gold" Certification for Environmental Achievement

January 14, 2008

Kolligian Library is second campus facility to meet USGBC
“Gold” standard for sustainable development

MERCED, CA— A second major building complex
at the University of California, Merced has earned “LEED Gold”
certification for excellence in environmental performance from the
U.S. Green Building Council.

The Leo and Dottie Kolligian Library, a heavily used complex in
the heart of the campus, earned its “Gold” certification in the
“LEED for New Construction” (LEED-NC) category. It was recognized
by the USGBC for meeting or exceeding a wide range of design,
construction and operating standards associated with
environmentally responsible development.

The USGBC is an independent, nonprofit organization that rates
buildings under its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
(LEED) program. It uses a five-tier performance scale and awards
points for meeting or exceeding standards on a variety of
sustainability measures. “Gold” is the second-highest tier of achievement.

“he Kolligian Library is the signature building on campus and
the focal point of daily campus activity,” said Mark Maxwell, LEED
coordinator for the campus. “It is noteworthy that such an
attractive, highly functional building can be designed to meet or
exceed very high environmental standards.”

The library building houses the campus library, administrative
offices, classrooms, a coffee bar, the bookstore and a large
student lounge.

“Years ago, campus planners set the unprecedented goal of
earning LEED Silver certification or higher for the entire UC
Merced campus,” said Thomas Lollini, associate vice chancellor for
physical planning, design and construction. “Despite numerous
challenges, we’ve managed to exceed this goal on two of our most
significant facilities, and we are hoping for similar outcomes on
others. Two projects currently in the certification process appear
to be headed for Gold.”

“This is extremely gratifying not only because we’re helping
protect the environment in our own community but also because we’re
learning so much that can be applied to development throughout the
Valley and beyond. It has been our intention that UC Merced would
become a living laboratory of responsible, easily replicable
development practices from which others can readily benefit —
a goal we have now achieved.”

The university’s first building complex, the Central Plant
facility, earned the USGBC “Gold” rating in 2007. Another campus
facility, the Garden Suites Housing and Lake View Dining complex,
was awarded “Silver” certification, also in 2007.

In awarding its “Gold” rating to the Kolligian Library complex,
the USGBC said the facility meets or exceeds performance standards
in a wide range of categories, including efficient energy and water
usage; use of recycled construction materials, certified wood and
local/regional content; effective use of ambient light and
ventilation; use of low-emitting materials; minimal site
disturbance and other factors. The facility earned its highest
score (10 points on a scale of 1 to 10) for energy performance.

The LEED point system assigns credits for 69 different measures
of sustainability. Ratings are based on the total number of points
awarded, as follows: 0-25 points, not certified; 26-32 points, base
certified; 33-38 points, Silver; 39-51 points, Gold; 52-69 points, Platinum.

To learn more about UC Merced’s Environmental Stewardship
Program, visit our