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Professor Leroy Westerling says wildfires on public lands across the West have increased 500 percent since the late 1970s.
Professor Mariaelena Gonzalez writes that as technology becomes more prominent in health communications, we might be leaving disadvantaged populations behind.
Professor Laura Hamilton writes about helicopter parents and colleges, the topic of her new book, “Parenting to a Degree.”
Professor Roger Bales explains why an increase in snow in the Sierra Nevada does not solve California's drought issues.
Professor Jessica Trounstine shows that cities that are more racially segregated are also more politically polarized, which makes it harder to raise taxes to fund important public services.
Professor Sidra Goldman-Mellor discusses how violence in a community can have effects that trickle down even to families not directly exposed to it.
Deputy Librarian Donald Barclay writes about the uncertain future of academic libraries in the digital age.
Researcher Emmanuel Vincent hopes his new tool will help bring more credibility to climate change reporting.
By studying artifacts left in caves by ancient Mayans, Professor Holley Moyes hopes to both preserve Mayan culture and discover stories of these ancient people.


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