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Spivey Publishes Book: "Who You Are: The Science of Connectedness"

April 5, 2020

Cognitive Science Professor Michael Spivey has published a new book titled, “Who You Are: The Science of Connectedness,” which is forthcoming from MIT Press.

Who are you? Are you just a brain? A brain and a body? All the things you have done and the friends you have made? Many of us assume that who we really are is something deep inside us, an inner sanctuary that contains our true selves. In “Who You Are,” Spivey argues that the opposite is true: that you are more than a brain, more than a brain-and-body, and more than all your assumptions about who you are. Rather than peeling layers away to reveal the inner you, Spivey traces who you are outward. You may already feel in your heart that something outside your body is actually part of you — a child, a place, a favorite book. Spivey confirms this intuition with scientific findings.