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Postdoc Speaks at Distinguished Young Scholars Seminar

August 10, 2022

The Chemical Engineering and Molecular Engineering and Sciences departments at University of Washington, Seattle, invite young scholars and scientists annually to present their research and provide professional development opportunities during the Distinguished Young Scholars Seminar 2022.

On Aug. 1, Postdoctoral Scholar Syeda Tajin Ahmed, Ph.D., in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at UC Merced presented an hour-long seminar on “Interactions of Grafted Zwitterionic Polymers with Biomolecules at Nanoscale.”

“I explained how I measured adsorption of different kinds of proteins on zwitterionic polymer coated substrates, the adsorption mechanism and the surface forces that control polymer-materials interactions,” Ahmed said. “I also talked about my current postdoctoral work in Professor Roberto Andresen Eguiluz’s lab on the role of fibronectin in lubricating boundary film formation at the articular cartilage.”