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Masud Named American Physical Society Student Ambassador

December 20, 2022

Cognitive and Information Sciences Professor Lace Padilla

Physics Ph.D. student Md Mehdi Masud has been named an American Physical Society (APS) Student Ambassador.

Masud is one of 68 students from around the world who received this recognition and opportunity to represent their universities to APS and introduce APS opportunities to their own universities. Student ambassadors can build their professional networks and improve their leadership skills while working with diverse people in STEM fields.

Masud is studying the interesting behavior of materials at extreme conditions in Professor David Strubbe’s lab. His research focuses particularly on computational high energy density physics — which is a new subfield of physics that intersects condensed matter physics and plasma physics — at extreme conditions of pressure and/or temperature. He is working to provide an in-depth explanation as well as necessary predictions to future experiment groups working in this highly challenging area of research.