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Fall 2020 Instruction

July 21, 2020
Re: Fall 2020 Instruction
To: Faculty
July 21, 2020
Dear Faculty,
Due to recent changes in COVID-19 cases in our local community, the state and the nation more broadly, the campus again has no choice but to re-evaluate in-person instruction for the fall semester.
In consultation with our local public health officials, we now know we will not be able to offer in-person instruction when the semester begins Aug. 26. The only exceptions are research credits for graduate students who are working under approved research protocols. Conditions dictate the following changes to our fall schedule:
  • All courses will be fully remote for at least the first four weeks of the semester. If state and local health officials deem it safe to conduct in-person instruction some time during the fall semester, the small number of courses currently identified as best suited for in-person instruction may offer in-person as well as remote instruction until Thanksgiving break.
  • Any course that offers an in-person component during the fall semester must maintain a remote option to serve remote students.
  • All courses will be fully remote after Thanksgiving break.
We are providing this information so that you can best plan your curriculum for the fall. As conditions change we will provide additional updates.
I understand that these changes in direction add to the burdens we currently carry as educators, researchers and members of families. We will discuss some of these challenges and ways to mitigate impacts in our next townhall discussion at 11 a.m. on July 31. The Senate office will be sending the Zoom invitation. I hope to see you then.
Gregg Camfield
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost