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Commencement Call to Volunteer

May 2, 2018

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Commencement is my favorite time of year!!

Commencement 2016 was my introduction to UC Merced’s vibrant community of students and the committed faculty and staff who support them every step of the way. I still remember the words of ASUCM President Domonique Jones when she addressed her class, and I think of that moment whenever I see her at alumni events even now. I recall reading about Yuriana Aguilar’s story and her journey to becoming our campus’s first undocumented student to receive a Ph.D. Her family’s pride practically lit up the campus.

Having two commencement productions on a single weekend is like having two weddings with more than 5,000 guests 24 hours apart. It’s a tall order. Our facilities staff members work long hours in the days leading up to, during and after commencement so that Sunday’s grads get the same experience as those here on Saturday. Employees from various other units, such as Dining and the bookstore, have the same charge: Present the best possible version of our campus for grads and their families and leave a lasting impression for years to come.

While more than 50 of our colleagues throughout the campus community spend considerable time throughout the entire academic year working on every aspect of Commencement and its related events, successfully executing the event requires additional support. About 100 volunteers are required above and beyond those who are already committed to this huge undertaking. The hard work of all involved make Commencement magical for our graduates and their families.

We want you to join us this year. We need you. Our grads need you.

We are asking four hours of your time – four hours to celebrate our students and their families and to remind yourself of the reason we work at UC Merced. Everything we do on this campus and for this campus is to make this day possible for our students.

Please share your time on May 12 or 13 and join us in celebrating the achievements of our outstanding graduates. Be the first smiling face greeting them and helping them to find their way. Help parents, grandparents, siblings and friends find their seats or locate indoor viewing areas. Take in the wonder, excitement and energy that extends throughout the campus on this monumental day.

When you volunteer for Commencement, you get to meet this year’s Domoniques and Yurianas. You get to see future leaders dressed up in regalia. You get to personally congratulate graduates and their families. And your gestures make up the fond memories that keep our alumni and their families closely tied to our campus long after their college days are over.

Please consider volunteering for commencement this year and make it a day to remember for all.

Here’s to a successful and memorable Commencement Weekend!

Best, Ed

E. Edw. Klotzbier
Vice Chancellor
Chief External Relations Officer