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October 1, 2018
A new grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation will help UC Merced further diversify its community of graduate students and faculty, beginning with the humanities and humanistic social sciences. “Diversity of background and perspective drives creativity and innovation, and a diverse...
October 1, 2018
Forty million years after dinosaurs went extinct, one of the largest predators that ever prowled Earth’s oceans emerged, feeding the imaginations of modern scientists and the nightmares of modern movie audiences. Megalodon — the name means ‘giant tooth’ — appeared...
September 28, 2018
September 27, 2018
Michael Pierick’s road to presenting as part of the UC Merced delegation at this week’s UC Board of Regents meeting started in 2012, with a pit stop on the way to a basketball tryout at Sonoma State. Both of Pierick’s parents attended UCLA and encouraged him to check out the...